At Top O' Texas Football Magazine, we strive year after year to do all we can to help the schools in our area get better coverage for their teams and players and to be able to raise the money needed for the expenses of their programs. For many of the groups who have participated in past years, this was their largest fundraiser. It's no exaggeration when we say that without the support of such groups, Top O' Texas Football Magazine would not be possible.


The coverage we provide to each school directly corresponds to the amount of sales that are done. Many schools don't currently have a sales group, and we would love to be able to find anyone interested in the opportunity we provide. Most often, the sales groups are the cheerleaders, but Top O' Texas is available to any group that's interested, e.g., band, athletic booster club, etc.


  • We provide complete training and tips for your group.
    We come to your school when it is convenient for you and your group.

  • We provide the forms you will need. (Duplicate as needed for your group)

  • Flexible sales period. You can work it around your schedule, as long as we have it by our deadline. (Late May.)

  • TOTFM staff is always available for support. We are a family owned publication, not a large fundraising chain. You'll be able to reach us at our personal cell phone numbers, and we respond promptly to emails.

  • We have 44 years of references available for you to contact, if you would like an opinion from another group sponsor.

  • We have set up a separate cheerleaders site where you will be able to access tons of information to help your group.

  • You control the money and send us a check for 50% of the total sales. You keep 50% of every dollar earned.


Top O' Texas Football Magazine is one of the largest fundraisers in West Texas. Both large and small schools are very successful. If you would like more information about getting your school involved, please e-mail us.


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